The Fabulous Four Fish Fingers inside.jpg

Cover illustration by Vicky Barker

The Fabulous Four Fish Fingers Series

by Jason Beresford


Gary, Bel, Ruby and Morris used to be ordinary kids, living ordinary lives on Fish Street . . . The only extraordinary thing about them was the extraordinary number of donuts Morris could east without getting a tummy ache. But then they met an elf. And that elf turned them into secret superheroes.


When danger is near, Gary, Ruby, Bel and Morris become super heros. The Chimp can swing from the rooftops, Kanga-Ruby has a magical pocket, Nightgale’s voice can shatter glass and Slug Boy... Well, he’s a slug. And, let’s be honest, that’s not much use, is it? Oh well.

But trouble is brewing in Tumchester. Evil villains Jumper Jack Flash (a man-rabbit-pirate thing who trusses people up in their own jumpers) and The Panteater (who will EAT YOUR PANTS!) are stealing all the sweets and running donutrings around the local police. It’s up to our heroes, the Fabulous Four Fish Fingers, to stop the villains and save the day - and the end of term disco. But they haven’t factored in the criminal mastermind behind the sweet robberies... and The Boss is not a man to be sherry-trifled with.

The Fabulous Four Fish Fingers (9781846471681)

Frozen Fish Fingers (9781846471834)

Fish Fingers vs Nuggets (9781910611043)


8+ | PB | £6.99