Jack Dash inside.jpg

Cover illustration by Judy Brown

Jack Dash Adventures

by Sophie Plowden


If you had a magic quill pen that made drawings real what would you draw?


Jack is not happy when his family move to the dull suburban town of Curtly Ambrose. But everything changes when Jack finds a feather inside a book. Things go from dull to magic in 60 seconds. Because this is no ordinary feather . . . this is a magic feather!

Jack’s magic feather makes whatever he draws come to life! But his grand plans (for a dog, a car and a cool wrestling mask) don’t go quite right and he ends up with some frilly knickers, a high-maintenance pet sea lion and on the run from the dastardly Mayor. Even worse, Jack is constantly being pestered by Coco, the girl next door who is very annoying and possibly insane.

Jack needs to get better at drawing or it’s going to be a complete disaster!

Jack Dash and the Magic Feather (9781846470998)

Jack Dash and the Summer Blizzard (9781910611067)

Jack Dash and the Great Custard Cake-Off (9781910611166)


8+ | PB | £6.99