Roodica the Rude inside.jpg

Cover illustration by Sarah Horne

Roodica the Rude

by Margaret Ryan



Long, long ago the Romans invaded Britain. Though the Celts fought back, the Romans won. But little Princess Roodica was determined not to give in …

If there’s one thing Roodica hates it’s spying, sneaky snots like the Roman tax collector’s son, Copius Mucus. When Copius challenges Roodica in the children’s chariot race, she’s determined to beat him. Only Copius has a lightweight chariot and an Arab stallion. Roodica’s chariot is in pieces and her steed, Plodette, is purebred carthorse. But Roodica is nothing if not resourceful and she has a plan that the Celtic queen Boodica would be proud of…

Roodica the Rude and the Chariot Challenge (9781846470738)

Roodica the Rude Who Stole the River (9781846470745)

Roodica the Rude and the Famous Flea Trick (9781846470721)

Roodica the Rude Party Pooper (9781846471445)


5+ | PB | £4.99